How will I know when your books open?

I will only make book opening announcements to those on my mailing list. This ensures I've gotten the information out to those who are most interested. I no longer announce openings on social media because I cannot guarantee those who are interested will see the information the same day it is posted, if at all. You can sign up by clicking "Contact" in the Menu and entering your email in the box. 

Why haven't you answered my email?

I promise it's not because I'm avoiding you or that I hate you. I often struggle to find time to sit down and respond to everyone. Sometimes I even respond in my head and forget that I haven't in real life. I try to get to everyone within a month or so. You can always call the shop with questions and most likely things can be worked out that way. 

I've sent you multiple submissions. Why haven't you chosen my idea?

There are many answers to this question, and none of them are personal in any way. The main reason is because I can take so few projects on at one time in order to fill just 2-3 months. Among those that I choose are projects that I believe will help me become a better artist, but most of all are ones that I believe I would be best suited for in order to insure you get the best tattoo possible. I wish I could tattoo everyone yesterday, but I am one human.

And please don't give up! There is a chance that I don't believe I'm best suited for your idea, but it could also be that I simply cannot get to every project I'd like to take on in one go. Try again! 

How do I come prepared to a consultation?

Consultations are so we can talk about what you'd like face to face, and nothing gets miscommunicated over email. There are a few things you must remember to bring, besides your wonderful self, and they are...
   - A $175 cash deposit. This covers drawing time, holds your appointment, and goes toward the cost of the tattoo itself. 
   - Any photos or drawings you might have that will help me understand the vision you have for your tattoo
   - An open mind. I may have to tell you that the idea you have presented is too small, or cannot be done. I do this because I care! I want you to have the best quality tattoo that I can offer. I will always do my best to help you with your idea; to make it not only something you will love, but make sure it stays that way.
I look forward to working with you!

Why does getting a tattoo cost so much?

Requiring pay for something I love to do is not easy for me, and I would love to be open with you about where your money is going. I am technically self employed, and I do not get to simply pocket the money you hand me at the end of a tattoo session. I pay a percentage at the end of each day to the shop to pay for the space I use. The equipment and supplies that I use for each tattoo (including ink, needles, gloves, ointment, etc.) are very expensive and I pay for all of that myself. You are not only paying the artist for the time you spend in their chair, but also the massive amount of work and time spent on the drawing and preparation beforehand. I do my best to put as much love as I can into every client's piece.